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Marilyn LoganDear Money Lady:
        My mother lost her job in April. She is employable and has been searching for ‘The Job’. She was behind on her mortgage payments so I offered to help out until she got another job. I’m only 26years old and would like to buy my own home. I can’t right now because I’m helping my mother. Did I make a money mistake?
--Tired of Parenting My Parent


Dear Tired of Parenting:
       If a person does not have cash stashed away for emergencies, such as sickness or layoff, trying to maintain is difficult.
In today’s job market holding out for the “just right” job is financial suicide. It sounds like your mother’s ego is financially blinding her. Yes, you did make a money mistake. Your mother could have sold her home and moved into an apartment, or she could have moved in with you temporarily. Your mother should stop wasting her time and your money looking for ‘the job’ and immediately get ‘a job’.

--Marilyn Logan “The Money Lady”

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Marilyn Logan

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